Wendy's Story

My Beautiful Mum Lynny

Lynny with GrandkidsGirls day out - Adelaide royal show 8mths after diagnosis

My beautiful mum was the most courageous person I had ever known in my world. Just before her 59th birthday we got the news she had pancreatic cancer. The walls in our world collapsed around us. I struggled with the question why this could happen to such a gentle loving person? Everything happens for a reason? I not too sure about that anymore. Nothing can explain why such a cruel disease can exist and affect so many innocent people.

I am grateful mum stressed to the oncologist, was "please don't give us an end date". My parents never wanted to know how long mum had. Mum wanted to live her life, and not have a count down. Mum had undergone surgery the day after her 59th birthday to remove part of the pancreas, spleen, gall bladder and lymph nodes. She underwent radiation and chemo throughout her fight.

My mum was the most amazing nana. She has 3 grandchildren who she adores. Her face always lit up when she saw them, and she had the most patience ever known to mankind! Even when my adorable kids were driving me nuts! She was always so calm with them.

But,,, how was it possible to explain to my 3 and 5 year old about cancer??? At the time we had just planted grass in our front yard. We would water it every day, but it was always taken over by weeds. I told my children this story.... Explaining cancer... Nana had grass growing inside her belly, and sometimes the weeds would crop up which was like cancer. Nana would have medicine to kill the weeds, but sometimes those weeds would take over.

Mum got to celebrate her 60th birthday party with close friends and family. After 15 months from mums diagnosis, mum eventually lost her courageous battle. My children chose the brightest star in the sky to be nanas star, so they would always know nana was watching over them and they can talk to her any time. We light a candle for beautiful nana every night.

My mum lynny survived 15mths. We are grateful for this time and her courageous fight. There are no words to explain the strength mum showed throughout her fight. Mum was buried in a beautiful green sloping field, and the grandchildren visit regularly to sprinkle tic tacs, jelly beans and earl grey tea leaves, and watch their colored windmills spin as we chat to her.

My family including my dad, my brothers family and my own, participated in the Adelaide 2013 Put Your Foot Down 4km Walk.I am suprised my kids little legs survived the walk along the beach! Knowing there was ice-cream at the end helped I think along with the heroic genetics! Even if we did come 2nd to last!

Mum has been gone a short 6 months now, and there's not an hour that passes where I don't think of her. I was so privileged to be involved in the Adelaide 2013 walk alongside other family's affected by this unexplainable disease. Pancreatic cancer needs to be minimized and stopped. We cannot lose momentum and need to continue the fight. I am determined to raise much needed money for research for the 2014 Adelaide Walk. The spirit lives on for our lost loved ones and we need to make a change. We need to support Avners Foundation.

Miss you lynny! X

"perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings in Heaven where our loved ones shine down to let us know they're happy"