What we've achieved

Improving outcomes for people impacted by pancreatic cancer

We are the only charitable organisation in Australia exclusively dedicated to pancreatic cancer. Assuming a leadership role, we are raising the profile of the disease in Australia and working collaboratively with leading local and international institutions and advocacy organisations to fast track progress.


Driving change through investment in research

Guided by our independent and renowned Scientific Advisory Panel we have invested over $14 million across 66 high-calibre research projects at universities and institutions, funding some of Australia’s top research talent. Funding categories included: new treatments, early detection, optimising current treatment, understanding the microenvironment, and capacity building.

Our research investment has been leveraged by grant recipients for an additional $10.1 million in pancreatic cancer funding.

We believe collaboration is key to improving outcomes for patients. That is why we convened the first national strategy meeting for pancreatic cancer research and continue to host research symposiums to bring the scientific community together.

Insights gained from PanKind-funded research grants have also been shared with the scientific community at over 90 conferences, seminars and symposiums.


Patient and Carer Support

Support through information and connection

Through our national Patient and Carer Hub we are connecting patients and carers to credible information, support, available trials, and pancreatic cancer experts across the country.

Our national community engagement events including the Put Your Foot Down walks, have united over 30,000 people against the disease, increasing awareness, community connection and support.


Advocacy and Awareness

The voice for the community

In response to our calls for change, Cancer Australia announced the first National Pancreatic Cancer Roadmap committed to identifying priority areas for action over the next five years to improve pancreatic cancer outcomes and survival for people affected by the disease.

Whilst this is an incredible start, the Roadmap does not include a funding commitment so we must continue to raise funds for research and awareness of this terrible disease.

We are also committed to supporting a national Network of Excellence allowing clinical and research experts to collaborate and contribute to an aligned approach to the disease.

We launched a national advocacy campaign with the Cancer of our Generation report, educating the Australian public on pancreatic cancer statistics, reaching almost 1 million Australians with key information and securing over 3500 petition signings.