Lead Funder

PanKind are lead funders of pancreatic cancer research

PanKind are consistently the first funder of promising pancreatic cancer research in Australia because we understand the importance of investing early in good ideas and brilliant researchers.

We put people impacted by pancreatic cancer at the centre of everything we do and understand the potential that research has to change the lives of people living with this disease today and in the future.

As we are exclusively dedicated to pancreatic cancer we are uniquely positioned to understand, evaluate and invest strategically in research with the guidance of our internationally recognised scientific and clinical advisors who have global visibility of pancreatic cancer. This group can determine scientific quality and which projects, if successful, will have international significance.

Understandably, many funding sources often require proof-of-concept data before they will commit to funding a project. PanKind has a vital role to play to allow the pancreatic cancer researchers to run those first experiments, therefore making their projects more attractive to large funders like the Government.

Our grants have enabled Australian researchers to leverage or raise an addition $15 million in project funding.

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