What is ManyHands?

Set tasks & get them done.

PanKind’s ManyHands is a free app that lets you easily coordinate help from loved ones around you, to take care of the day-to-day tasks that can be left behind when someone is dealing with a pancreatic cancer diagnosis and dealing with the disease.

Captains & Helpers


The Captain is the leader of the support crew. You know the family really well and they trust you to help them manage all the practical support they need.

You set up ManyHands, ask your network to join your crew, and add all the tasks that you need done to help you daily. Tasks can be available for everyone to see or privately shared with your inner circle.

Every Captain needs helpers. As a Helper you are ready to join the group and get things done.

You can view and choose to accept tasks. The app includes all the information you need to get the task done and will remind you to complete them on time.

How it works

A few minutes to set up will save hours of coordinating help later. Let’s go:

Step 1

Download the app and invite your helpers

Step 2

Create your ‘help list’ and add tasks

Step 3

Start coordinating the right help for the family

Step 4

Check out the tips from our experts

To download, search for PanKind ManyHands on the App Store or on Google Play.

If you need assistance downloading or using the app, please contact us or reach out to the help desk within the app.

How it Helps
  • Practical support that makes a difference when dealing with the challenge of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis
  • Turns offers of ‘let me know what I can do’ into a list of practical tasks, managed from your phone
  • When it is hard to keep on top of everything, ManyHands makes it easy to ask for help
  • Create your own tasks: walk the dog, school pick up, laundry, shopping, gardening, visits to the specialist etc people can accept easily and start helping straight away.
  • Gathers and coordinates a crew of Helpers in one place, invite them straight from your address book
  • Holds all key information in one place
  • Helpful articles about pancreatic cancer and tips for supporting families

ManyHands is offered as part of our Patient & Carer Hub which contains an extensive range of information and resources to support the needs of people living with pancreatic cancer and importantly, those caring for them.

The evidence-based App is a free download on App Store & Google Play and has been co-created by clinicians to fill the supportive care gap in pancreatic cancer care.

Use and management of the App is in line with our Privacy Policy