Newly Diagnosed Information Kit

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Information for people recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Finding out you have pancreatic cancer can be overwhelming. The Newly Diagnosed Information Kit includes key information and resources to help you navigate the first few months after a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

Some of the information in this Newly Diagnosed Kit can also be found in our Living with pancreatic cancer booklet linked below, however the booklet is very comprehensive and includes information beyond diagnosis for those undergoing treatment and post-treatment.


Learn about pancreatic cancer

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  • What is pancreatic cancer?
  • What is the pancreas?
  • Types of pancreatic cancer
  • Living with pancreatic cancer information booklet

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Partnering with your health team

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  • Questions to ask your doctor
  • Your multidisciplinary treatment team
  • Where to find specialists
  • Tips for communicating with your care team
  • Help for people with language and cultural barriers
  • Empowering Treatment Partnerships Webinar
  • Getting a second opinion

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Treatments & Tests

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  • What is biomarker testing?
  • What is genetic testing for inherited mutations?
  • Standard treatments
  • Clinical trials
  • Complementary therapies
  • Alternative therapies
  • Supportive care

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Finding support

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  • Finding support services webinar
  • Emotional support
  • Practical and financial support
  • Caring for someone with pancreatic cancer

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