Katrina's Story

My Dad

Katrina and her DadKatrina's Story

My dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in March 2012.

It had spread so fast through his body, that he had cancer lesions on his liver and stomach. My dad was a very healthy man, never drank or smoked. His mother passed away 9 years before from Pancreatic cancer also.

Dad went through 3 lots of chemo to help him with his pain. The first lot worked wonders and he was still able to come watch me play football and go out. The cancer took over his body at a rapid speed and on Christmas 2012, dad could not stand the pain anymore at his home with my mother, that he asked to go to hospital.

We all knew that dad had enough of fighting this terrible disease. Dad was placed on a sub cut morphine on the 27th december and he died that afternoon at 5pm with his wife, his sister and his 3 girls with him. He made sure we were all there before he left us.

I miss him everyday and I would love to do more for pancreatic cancer as I see it as a silent killer.