Patient & Carer Support Hub

Friday, November 12, 2021
The Patient & Carer Support Hub is Hub is a valuable resource for Australians experiencing pancreatic cancer.

Cancer Patient and Carer Support Hub - Pankind Australia

PanKind, The Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, is exclusively dedicated to pancreatic cancer with a mission is to triple the pancreatic cancer survival rate in Australia by 2030 and dramatically improve the quality of life by providing Pancreatic cancer support for those impacted by the disease.

The national Patient and Carer Support Hub for people living with pancreatic cancer has comprehensive information, additional resources and updates on available clinical trials. Through the Hub, we’re able to bring both patients and their support network better tools to manage during diagnosis and treatment, from practical concerns to finding a community for mutual support. 

All about the Patient and Carer Support Hub

PanKind CEO, Michelle Stewart explains, “People affected by pancreatic cancer often experience significant distress at the time of diagnosis and can feel isolated and alone. The Patient and Carer Support Hub is a valuable resource for Australians experiencing pancreatic cancer. It can be overwhelming for people living with the disease to know where to turn, so The Hub provides trusted information, comprehensive resources and links to support services so people can find the information easily when they need it.”

The Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation and The Patient and Carer Support Hub break down the often overwhelming aspects of pancreatic cancer — reminding patients and carers alike that they are not alone — and providing practical, tangible ways for managing life post-diagnosis.  

What's in the Hub?

The Hub is an excellent resource for people navigating the disease. Medical professionals working in the pancreatic cancer space now have a single environment where their patients and their families will be able to source trusted information.

Developed to provide pancreatic cancer support to patients and carers on a pancreatic cancer journey, the Hub is also a valuable resource for medical professionals. The critical resources in The Hub draw on the experiences of those within the community to improve the experience of those going through treatment and their quality of life. It includes a variety of tools:

  • Patient & Carer Booklet

We created the Living with Pancreatic Cancer Booklet as a comprehensive resource for people with pancreatic cancer, as well as their loved ones. The booklet can help you understand more about diagnosis, available treatments and the planning ahead — managing work and the financial aspects of treatment. It’s available as a digital or printed version.

  • Newly Diagnosed Kit

Often, a diagnosis can feel daunting. This essential kit contains information and resources to help people understand and navigate the first few months of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis and plan for the road ahead. 

  • EmpowerED Webinars 

Our EmpowerED webinar series keeps patients informed of advances in the field of pancreatic cancer, supporting them with relevant information and allowing them to connect with others in the community. These webinars provide a way for remote or isolated patients to check in with and feel connected to their community. 

  • Support Groups

No one should have to face a cancer diagnosis alone. Our support groups run both in-person and over the phone, where patients may share experiences with others impacted by the disease. These groups help patients bond with others who share similar experiences — forming connections of solidarity and support. 

  • Diet & nutrition

During treatment, it’s vital that patients are nourished and receive the dietary requirements they need. Information and strategies are available to help people with pancreatic cancer or who have had pancreatic surgery manage their diet and nutrition to feel better.

  • Clinical Trials

New developments in clinical trials are regularly becoming available for pancreatic cancer patients. The hub connects patients and carers with information and links to access clinical and supportive care trials as part of their treatment. 

  • Personal Stories

When we share our stories, we become connected and stronger. Patients and families are encouraged to share their own journeys and experiences with the disease through personal stories.

No matter your situation or circumstances, connecting with medical professionals, other patients, and carers is always better than going alone. When you visit The Patient and Carer Support Hub, you’ll be able to benefit from a wealth of support, information and tools to help you from your diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. Together, we can improve the quality of life for cancer patients, support their carers, and triple the pancreatic cancer survival rate in Australia by 2030.