Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

This year's World Pancreatic Cancer Day theme is #ItsAboutTime - It’s about time we knew our pancreas better, about time to learn the symptoms and risks, and about time we talked to our family and friends about this disease.

Pancreatic cancer is the Cancer of Our Generation.

It is now the third leading cause of cancer deaths in Australia and has one of the lowest survival rates of all major cancers at only 11.5%. The disease claims as many lives as breast cancer however there remains a lack of public knowledge of the disease and more focus and funding is required to increase survival.

PanKind, The Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is exclusively dedicated to pancreatic cancer with a mission to triple the survival rate by 2030 and dramatically increase the quality of life for patients and their families. We are working hard to increase survival through fundraising, and investment in cutting-edge research. We are long term funders of Australian research with a strong track record of funding the most promising projects and we will be making an announcement of further funding in early December.

We are also supporting pancreatic cancer patients and their loved ones by providing a trusted source of information and links to support services on our easily Patient and Carer Support Hub, which has been developed in collaboration with qualified health professionals, patients, and carers.

A Time for Action
November is recognised globally as Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and is an important time of year for communities to raise awareness of the disease, advocate for more attention, celebrate survivors and honour loved ones. On a national level, this November PanKind will be advocating for greater attention on the disease by creating opportunities for our entire community can help make the greatest impact by:

  • Raising awareness by sharing key messages about the disease
  • Creating your own fundraiser to help raise funds for cutting-edge research
  • Wearing purple or holding morning tea on World Pancreatic Cancer day
  • Joining our webinar on November 18, World Pancreatic Cancer Day, and hear about
    the research we fund and important developments in the field of pancreatic cancer research

World Pancreatic Cancer Day
We are proud to stand alongside global like-minded organisations as part of The World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition, which of more than 99 organisations from over 40 countries and six continents who elevate global awareness, inspire action, and bring greater attention to the disease to ultimately improve outcomes.

Held on November 18, 2020, World Pancreatic Cancer Day brings people around the world together to highlight the need for greater awareness, funding and research for pancreatic cancer.

World Pancreatic Cancer Day is our moment to learn more about the risks and symptoms of pancreatic cancer and on this day, organisation around the world push to do more; to learn, to teach, to advocate more research funding and the world to take notice.

Download these resources to print or share on social media during November: 

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer (DL -  Tri-fold flyer)