The Cancer of our Generation: A Time for Action

Sunday, April 7, 2019

When it comes to pancreatic cancer, hope is in short supply. Despite being one of the most lethal cancers, it receives a fraction of the total cancer funding dedicated to research, patient support and treatment, and it is a travesty that a cancer which will kill around 3,300 people each year is not a higher priority.

This new report, released in February 2020, seeks to underline the reasons behind this and more importantly chart a path to a future where this can be tackled. It is of vital importance that we can change this for the approximately 3,300 people diagnosed each year.

Just how bad is it? For far too many Australians, pancreatic cancer is a death sentence, with statistics that have not improved in decades that paint a bleak picture for those diagnosed.

The statistics that will only change with increased collaboration to accelerate progress in this disease.
A national response is needed

The Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is calling for an urgent national response to the lack of progress in pancreatic cancer outcomes being faced in Australia.

Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation has been driving change in the sector, supporting a group of brilliant and dedicated researchers fighting to change the story for those living with pancreatic cancer.  To date, the Foundation has invested over $7.6 million dollars across 28 research projects, which are primarily in early-stage medical research initiatives. 

We believe an approach that significantly accelerates research discovery, supports today’s patients and provides a platform for a greater understanding of the condition is the way forward. Supporting our world class researchers, frontline healthcare professionals and today’s patients will hopefully reduce the number of patients tomorrow.

Our plan for action

The Avner Foundation believe an investment of $52m over 5 years will allow us to:

  • Fast track research to broaden our understanding of pancreatic cancer: There are four key areas that are of paramount importance that require urgent and significant funding support.
  • Develop a national Patient and Carer Support Hub that ensures every Australian affected by pancreatic cancer can gain instant support, guidance and care.

  • Create Networks of Excellence ro allow clinicians and researchers from research and medical institutions across Australia to collaborate and share knowledge, and provide an avenue for collaboration with international researchers to accelerate new treatments.

Download the full report here: