PanKind funded researchers key collaborators on world leading clinical trial program

Friday, February 26, 2021

The innovative MoSt program has been funded to a total of $3.75 million by a Cancer Institute of NSW grant and will provide greater opportunity for patients to enter a clinical trial and receive new and potentially effective treatments.

The clinical trial program led by researchers and clinicians at UNSW and the Garvan Institute, will provide patients with access to either targeted therapies matched to the genomic signature of their individual tumour, or targeted to the tumour environment.

Since 2015, PanKind The Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation has provided over $2.5 million of funding to key investigators on the program including Professor Anthony Gill (Australian Pancreatic Genome Initiative), Associate Professor Marina Pajic (Garvan Institute) Associate Professor Phoebe Phillips (UNSW) and Professor Paul Timpson.

Michelle Stewart, PanKind CEO says many years of work have brought us to this point, “We are pleased to have been able to support these brilliant scientists over many years to research new treatments for pancreatic cancer in the laboratory. We feel hopeful about the MoST program because it is an innovative way of running trials to ensure that patients have the highest chance of receiving a treatment that may work for them.”

PanKind funded investigator on MoST, UNSW Associate Professor Phoebe Phillips said “as a scientist, I am really proud that we have taken basic scientific findings previously supported by NHMRC and PanKind into the clinical setting. I want to thank the Foundation and all the donors for all your generous support over so many years. We truly hope our new trials will help patients with pancreatic cancer."

UNSW Professor David Goldstein is chief investigator of the trial which for the first time brings together scientists, clinicians and the community, within a national program “to achieve meaningful outcomes for Australians affected by pancreatic cancer.”

The Foundation applauds Cancer Institute NSW's funding investment into this pancreatic cancer research and we are grateful to patients who have been involved in clinical trials that have contributed to our increased knowledge of the disease.

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