Find a Clinical Trial

The Australian Clinical Trials website provides a search tool to find clinical trials available in Australia that have been registered with the Australia and New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZ) and (international registry).

If you find a trial you are interested in, we recommend you speak with your doctor to ensure the trial is right for you.

How to search for a trial for someone with pancreatic cancer:

1. Go to the Australian Clinical Trials website.

2. Under 'Search for a Clinical Trial', for the 'Broad Health Condition' choose 'Cancer'.

3. Under 'Specific Condition', choose 'Pancreatic'.

4. Click 'Search'.


You can further narrow down the search by using 'Advanced Search':

1. Click 'Advanced Search' and follow Step 2 and 3 above to choose 'Broad Health Condition' and 'Specific Condition'.

2. If you would like to find trials that focus on Treatment, Prevention, Diagnosis or Educational. Choose 'Trial Focus'.

3. You can also narrow it down to find a trial that is 'currently looking for suitable participants'. Choose 'Recruiting'.

4. Click 'Search'.


Australian Clinical Trials Registry Advanced Search


When search results are returned, each trial will have the following information:

'Trial Information', provides a summary of what the trial is investigating, broad and specific health conditions, recruitment status (that is, if it is accepting participants), and recruitment details such as locations where you can participate.

'Eligibility', which provides inclusion and exclusion criteria that defines who may participate in the trial. We recommend you speak with your doctor about any trials you are interested in as they will be able to advise you whether a trial may work for you based on the eligibility criteria and your individual circumstances.

'Contact details and further information', including the person to contact for more information and to participate in the trial.